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While you’re reading this, the group is developing as a company. On March the 12th 2004 their debut album “The Beginning” was released. It contains 19 tracks and it’s still selling to many Hip Hop-, Pop-, R&B-, and Gangsta Rap lovers. Check it out on “Store”. The album is not on the market all over the country (yet). But maybe some day their art will be a good export for the Danish music industry.

The mission in the moment is to make the Ripz world become bigger and more visible.

In relation to many other groups Ripz has a growing studio (read about S-studio) supported by money,

spare time and busy artists. That’s their advantage and that’s why they also sometimes have room for other hard-working talents. Maybe you have an interest in that case.

Check on “contact” if you need more information, questioning us and it will be answered to your e-mail.


Notice: we're not speakin' danish.

The most of our visitors will probably be danish. That might be inconvenient but we decided to follow some of our principles, even though it seen crazy or not.

If you wanna take over the whole world, the world has to understand you.

It’s now possible to introduce whoever we want to this website.






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