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  September 15 -2005

Our 1 year Ripz tour is now finished, started at Espergærde Ungdomsskole in October 7th 2004 and ended with our last performance at Rytmisk Musik "Live Contest 2005". We thank all of our fans who came to see us perform live, and can't wait to see ya at our next venue! 
- Until then, stay tuned at this site or at our sms service!


  June 01 -2005

A new talent competition by Danske Bank called “Danske Ung Talent” which is now finished, and of course Ripz where participating. -Read More

  April 15 -2005                                                                     Click for pics

A performance at "Hamlet" erhvervsskole in Helsinør to the evenings "Gangsta Theme" party.


  February 25 -2005        Ripz performance at Ungsol.dk       Click for pics

It was a great night!! The audience went wild, specially the girls in the front row. The show was the regular 30 minutes performance by Ripz with theirs greatest album hit's.  -"It was really hot".  They were all wild 'n crazy and I had the best time - Salar.
And we wanna thank the wonderful audience for making this evening to one of the hottest night performance ever. Peace! - Salar


  January 30 -2005                                                               Click for pics

This years Music Competition for the age of 12-18 was a huge success. The venue was filled up with a great audience, and the Ripz went out there and fired it all up.

-"We became #2 in this competition, and it's all good"- Salar
The sound engineering was a little crappy, but aight!!! We all had a blast, and we wanna give a big shout out to our dancer's that made our show so perfect -Thanks to Sandra & Masja - And to all of our fans that came all the way to show us their support. Thanks ya'll!


  November 30 -2004  Ripz Music Production release [NEW]

The Ripz' latest album "The Beginning" are now released for sale on the internet for downloading. That means you can buy the Ripz music as a single for 8.00 kr. or the entire album for only 80.00 kr. Check out the music on these sites:-
Digidi.dk -payload.dk  -jubii.dk  -tdc.dk  -cdon.com -bilka.dk  -foetex.dk

We strongly recommend ya to choose
TDC.dk to achieve the most reasonable price!


  November 17 -2004

The Ripz owns now a share of the independent online record company “DKUA”, and that means that Ripz can release their entire future productions through this label. The record company is still developing co-operations with other music online shops in the entire Scandinavia .

Present releases are the album “The Beginning” on:

Digidi.dk -/ Payload.dk -/ CDON.com -/ Føtex Musik Shop/ A-Z Musik Shop -/ Bilka Musik Shop and Jubii.dk (musikdownload.jubii.dk)

Also upcoming sites:

MSN Musik Shop  &  iTunes  in  -Denmark,  -Sweden,  -Norway  and Finland. + at Microsoft MediaPlayer 10  in  dk,  se,  no  &  fi,

  October 07 -2004

This is the day that we start our "Ripz Tour 2004 - 2005".
Beginning at Espergærde Ungdosmskole with a 30 minutes Ripz Live' show including 'hot dancing chicks'. - Stay tuned at 'Tour.


  October 04 -2004

The new singles from Ripz is now finished. "Baby Get Down" is made by Salar & Fritz and is inspired by pop legend himself; Max Martin.
(Click for listening)

  October 01 -2004

A new album edition of "The Beginning" will be released. Continues a radio edit of "Evolution" and a new album cover.

Can only be ordered on this site, go to store

  August 23 -2004

Slick Dogg is no longer a member of the Ripz.
He's officially out of the group, and will no longer be featured on any Ripz future projects.

  May 28 -2004

The Ripz performance in Fredensborgs' monthly "Polka House" went great. They performed half an our, for over 250 youngsters.
Also performed with the new radio edit of "Evolution", and the brand new single "The Ripz Now" performed by Seizure & Slick Dogg.
(Produced by Salar & Fritz)


May 01 -2004

The new radio edit of "Evolution" is out. And will continue on the new album edition of "The Beginning", that can be ordered later this year.


March 24 -2004

Ripz made a big influence at a huge concert that was arranged by Espergærde gymnasium. The big hall contained more than 1.300 people. A big audience for a private concert.

Fritz had composed a big show “Blue Bird”. It appeared to be the best show that evening.

Not only Fritz was in the spot. Also some beautiful dancers, a big choir of basses, sopranos and alts were good. Seizure from Ripz also impressed the audience, very well, with his amazing 80 sec rap.  

The band where also great, and made no mistakes. 

And the sound engineering was made by HP, Salar & Tjalfe.



March 17 -2004

Just a week after the MGP, Ripz performed with their own show at the biggest high school in Denmark. They were wearing t-shirts with the Ripz- and S-Studio logos on. Ripz had this time brought their own sound engineer Tjalfe. He has a job as a sound engineer and producer, and got a very promising career.

  March 12 -2004

This was a great day or the Ripz and their fans. The release of their debut Album. "The fans gone crazy -Salar. All the copies of our album was meant to be sold in a 6 month period. We sold all those copies in 7 days. "Now that's f***ing amazing for us amateurs", -Salar.

Ripz had a pre-release of the album right after the ending of  MGP 2004.



March 11 -2004

This was a month full of action compared to other months.

Since the middle of February Ripz have been working a lot to finish their album and been practicing for their show "MGP 2004 contest". And also it will be the first time the Ripz performing on stage together. 

Ripz performed with 4 tracks, included Seizure' 1.st single "Can't Wait" feat. Salar. Also a performance by Fritz with "Just Like That Remix" and Salar & Slick Dogg with "Time 2 shine".

Time 2 Shine appeared to be the best and the BIGGEST show ever in Espergærde MGP's history. And it was mend to be that way, because Salar planned to do the biggest show that ever made at MGP. And so it was. The show started out with 3 of the best dancers, that Ripz  knew, and then Salar came out and did his thang. Then Slick got presented by Salar. He came out and did his thang. And at the end of the show, 15 girl choir appears dressing white, singing -Time To Shine

Fritz' song "Just Like That Remix" won the "third price" including 500.kr that evening. Normally that's nothing to brag about, since we also won the second price included 1,000.kr, but those five hundred represents the first dime ever made by Ripz for their music. I did it, "in yo face" for all those who never though that I'd make it. -proudly said by Salar after his big night.

That evening was not only a kind of their breakthrough, but also their first connection to a managing director "Mikkel Søby", the headmaster of the danish label "Noiz Music".

“He went up to me right after the show. He gave me his business card while saying: You just call me if you're interested”. – Fritz

Of course we were interested...

"We came to believe that we now had a chance to be seen.

We just have to be ready whenever something comes up.”- Fritz

See pics from the evening


  November 20 -2003

The day is Thursday and is the day of Ripz Radio 92,8 Fm' first show, hosted by Salar, Tjalfe & Jesper in Helsingør. The show contain 2 hours of hardcore hip hop to soft RnB, and freestyle battles & comic quiz from the listeners.

The show wasn't able to continue to the next season and therefore was unfortunately cancelled late December 2003. And the reason is still unknown.


  July -2003

The first demo ever from the Ripz, which was Salar' "To Be Continued", continued 4 singles. The process took a couple of month, and was made by Salar.


  August -2002  

The S Studio is born. Salar & Fritz starts a co-operation, experimented with cherished melody's they both adored. And Salar where thankful for that, but still he anxiously wanted to take it to the next step. And continue to the very last one. And so he did. And barely a year later the S-Studio became an actually amateur recording studio, which was the greatest thing there ever happened. (read more about S-Studio)