The Story of S Studio


It all started with S-Studio. It’s in S-studio (Super-Studio) it all grows up from.

In the year of 2000 Fritz and Salar founded together with a common hobby. They both liked creating music. Their heads had been into it since they were little kids. Whenever they came home from school they used all their spare time, creating music.

When they became older and went to the same parties it was not all about girls and alcohol.

Fritz and Salar spent hours talking about what they wanted to do and create and what they already had created. “ Hey… lets talk business”.

As time passed by Salar used all his money to create a little studio he had at home in his room.

He worked hard and had a big family that trusted in his work. He became better and better to handle studio hardware and software.

Fritz worked with his keyboard and practiced composing songs. Soon they were able to record their first music ideas in the little studio and make some records. Their first project was "Yo My Luv". A song written by Salar, dedicated to his first big love "Mia".

Fritz and Salar kept working on better and better songs. Family, friends and different people heard it. Some didn’t really understand what Fritz and Salar were doing, but there were many who did.

The studio developed and the day came where they were asked to perform at a youth-club in their town. Of course they wanted to. Fritz and Salar made a little demo CD with 5 tracks that were used as instrumental sing-back.

They both kept working on their music, and started up a group.
The group hadn't got a name yet, and therefore it would be difficult to get further in the music business with their music. So they decided to come up with a name, and they did. They got together and talked about what they are & who the are together. And the result was a satisfaction= Reflection In ProductionZ. All thanks to Super Studio Entertainment.



Also check out the equipment list of S-Studio.

Pro Tools LE 7 + colored keyboard
Propellerhead Reason 3.0
Apple Logic Pro 7 + colored keyboard

Recorder & Player:
Apple G5 PowerMac 2.7 Dual w/ 2.560 GB Ram
Digidesign Digi 002 8-I/O Pro Tools soundcard
Phillips double tape player/recorder & turntable
Teac Graphic Equlizer
Pioneer minidisk player/recorder & CD player + tuner
Sony CD Walkman

Behringer Eurodesk MX 8000B, 48/24 dual input 8-bus mixing console

Studio Projects C1
Joemeek JM47 +
Joemeek Pro Channel VC3Q mic preamp

Behringer Truth B2031A - Active
Pioneer Twin Bass Reflex
Mini pc speakers

Emagic AMT8 midi-interface
Roland JV-1010 Synthesizer Module
Roland JV-2080 Synthesizer Module
Roland PC-180A midi keyboard
Yamaha PSR-38 midi/audio keyboard

Audio Backup:
250 GB intern + 360 GB extern hard disk

Sony cordless headphones